What Beyoncé’s Coachella Performance Taught Me About Perfecting Your Craft

Photo via  Beyoncé.com

Photo via Beyoncé.com

Now that the dust and wigs have finally settled, lets talk about Beyoncé’s amazing, world-stopping Coachella performance. There are very few artists that I would not only live stream a show at a festival that I can’t afford to attend, but do so at two in the morning. But the opportunity to watch a live Beyoncé performance (and live-tweet through it) was way too good to go without experiencing.

Everything about the performance from the HBCU theme, the live band, the Destiny’s Child Reunion, and the Solange-Bey joint dance had me mesmerized. I sat in my dorm room watching from my laptop screen for two hours straight and felt like I was there in the crowd. When it was over I found myself inspired and ready to work.

After the performance, pictures were released on Beyonce.com that gave Beyhive members a behind-the-scenes look into the preparation behind the show. The picture that caught my attention the most is the one above. In it, Beyoncé is sitting with designers and appears to be discussing wardrobe options. It is clear from this picture alone that every single detail for the performance was clearly orchestrated and overseen by the Queen herself.

Having been a proud member of the Beyhive for years, Beyoncé’s work ethic and dedication to always being better than her last have always been a source of inspiration. Beyoncé has taught me again and again that you don’t become a Beyoncé, overnight or without intention. Sometimes it takes long nights and early mornings, tears, frustration, and even temporarily giving up completely to perfect your craft.

Personally, I have had many career phases and interests on my road to getting my sh*t together. As I’ve done my research on how to succeed in each field, themes of patience, using resources, always being ready to learn, are a constant. Not being afraid to get dirty and get involved at every level possible are key to becoming a master of a craft.

We all expect to do something and immediately be great at it. But through her Coachella performance, Beyoncé shows us that not only should you take the time to perfect your craft but that in the end it will make you better (As her reign of over 10 years speaks for itself). Sometimes we want to skip to the success without putting in the long hours, resources, and effort necessary. However one of the best feelings that I have experienced is seeing something that I imagined happening for years finally become a reality.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Now get in formation and get to work.

What did Beyoncé’s Coachella performance teach you?