The Ryot is an online space dedicated to women of color that riot against tradition. It’s creation was inspired by everyday conversations, and by the belief that every woman from every walk of life has a story to tell.

The Ryot was created as an online community for Women of Color especially Black women to share their stories, knowledge, perspectives, and experiences. The Ryot is for women that hold their own beliefs even when the world and the culture around us don’t. For the women who were told that their stories don’t matter but choose to still them anyways.

Here at The Ryot, we want to know where you’re traveling, what you’re reading, what you’re listening to, and the dope things you’re doing as well as your opinions on various current events. We encourage collaboration and the expression of ideas. 

We also hope to inform our readers of events and activities occurring in NYC and beyond, educate our readers through informative posts, become a collaborative space in which women from any and every background can contribute, and offer different perspectives to our readers.